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Ness in the Media

Ness is a beautiful and personal way to find new restaurants you'll love.

A sleek, modern interface that is intelligent and intuitive.

6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat in an unfamiliar neighborhood or simply looking for a new place in your own area, this free app will point you in the right direction.

App delivers personalized dining recommendations to your phone. Ness 2.0 is catching up to Yelp, says its founder -- with 4.5 million user-generated ratings so far

The personalized app...anticipates your dining needs and summarizes the information you need for a personal recommendation.

Ness 2.0 Debuts, a Revamped Restaurant App to Find You a Square Meal

It’s surprisingly difficult to stand on a street corner and use your smartphone to find a restaurant you’ll actually like...[Ness] hopes to remedy that.

Ness 2.0 Is Highly Recommended For Getting Restaurant Recommendations

Ness 2.0 is a really nice update, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Ness updates its iOS app, a personalized dining guide for you

...what Ness is up to is really about maximizing the accuracy of personalization.

With Its Biggest Update Yet, Ness Debuts Instant, Personalized Restaurant Recommendations, Says Events, Nightlight Are Next

Now [users] don’t have to launch the app then kick off searches; Ness will just know what they like and make suggestions.

Personalized dining app tells you where to eat, drink

It's kind of like Siri meets Yelp. The theory is the more Ness learns, the better its recommendations.

Ness Nabs $15M From AmEx And SingTel To Expand Data-Driven, Personalized Search To Other Verticals

It should be interesting to see how Ness chooses to incorporate its likeness engine into products in other areas such as news, movies, or even shopping. There’s no doubt that personalization only enhances the discovery experience for users in these categories, and Ness’s entry into these areas could be a win for the company.

Best Free iPhone and iPad Apps: Ness Dining Guide - Restaurant Search

Ness will help ensure that you stop wasting time deciding where to eat and find the best place for you.

The Best Food Apps — Because A Meal Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

eHarmony for eaters. Tell Ness what you like by reviewing places you've been, and it'll serve up recommendations based on where you are and what you love.

On the Download: 21 Apps to Keep You in Sync

The appetizing discovery app not only finds restaurants nearby based on your cuisine preference but one-ups the competition by considering your taste preference based on past ratings you’ve given similar venues.

Ness: A Combination Of Instagram And Yelp

While Ness’ recent addition of Instagram gave it a design advantage over competitors like Yelp and Fondu, its easy-to-use and highly accurate rating system is its true strength.

Ness Dining Guide for iPhone review: a beautiful way to discover food around you

The Ness Dining Guide for iPhone is a gorgeous way to discover restaurants and cafes that you'll like.

10 Best U.S. City Travel Apps

... Ness is the Pandora of restaurant apps. It builds up your "taste" for a place based on your likes, but it can also incorporate friend recommendations.

The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies: Top 10 Food

... a sleek, social food app that recommends what to eat next.

Apps of the Week: Ness, TED, and Camouflage

I’m proud to announce that I’ve had a splendid week in terms of dining due to this icon on my home screen.

Ness, The Restaurant Discovery App, Adds Crucial Mapping Feature

[Ness] uses machine learning technology, deriving results from a variety of social signals that you provide it from Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter, as well as your behavior and other data, to figure out which places you’ll like the most. The result is often what you’re hoping for — suggestions for great places that you might not have seen on other restaurant discovery apps, or heard about anywhere else for that matter.

Forbes 30 Under 30

Corey Reese, CEO, Ness Computing, 26 Where to go tonight? He created Ness, a personalized search engine that learns your tastes in things like restaurants.

Ness: An App That’s Smarter Than Google & Yelp?

Palo Alto-based Ness Computing launched its dining recommendations app only about three months ago and already it’s being wooed by the likes of Goldman Sachs, was just listed in the Staff Favorites section of Apple’s iTunes App Store, and closed a Series A funding round with some big time investors.

Ness Adds Social Sharing To Its Mobile Restaurant Recommendation App

...what Ness does is already special, and getting better with the new version.

Ness, the iPhone app that tells you where to eat, hooks up with Facebook

...kudos for delivering a colorful and delightfully rich app experience

A List Of Startups Goldman Sachs Thinks Will Most Likely IPO

...these are the 30 or so startups Goldman has designated as potential IPO candidates.

For Ness, restaurant discovery is just an appetizer

While there are a lot of restaurant discovery apps available for iOS devices, few if any are as beautifully crafted and ambitious as Ness.

How Apps Step Up to the Plate for Food-Oriented Start-Ups: Guest

Nationally, the hottest mobile application that focuses on restaurant recommendations is the Ness iPhone app.

Ness Brings Personalized Touch To Mobile Search

Ness is aiming to provide much more personalized search results than what exists on sites from Google to Yelp.

Ness Serves Up Their First Personal Search App Catering To Restaurant Discovery

Score one for Ness... Could make for one killer, subjective mobile search engine.

Ness Is a Personalized Search Engine for the Mobile World

[Ness] takes a different approach to restaurant recommendations than Yelp, UrbanSpoon, and the regular tools people usually use... We're impressed by the results so far. If Ness can nail down restaurant recommendations, it has the opportunity to become a new type of mobile search engine that can be used for almost any decision.

Meet Ness, the Pandora for Restaurant Recommendations

Even in a city chock full of great restaurants, it can be really tough to find a new one I'll be sure to like. That's where Ness comes in. Behind the slick user interface, [there's] serious tech muscle.

Ness: Personalized Search Results

Several applications help you search for restaurants, movies, places to shop, etc. However, none of these sites make an effort to truly understand your personal preferences... Ness Computing is doing just that.

Ness: The Latest, Smartest and Prettiest App to Help You Figure Out Where to Eat

Sexy, smart, ingenious.

With $5 Million In Their Pockets, Ness Has Quietly Built A Subjective Search Engine

If you use search products today there's plenty of things for solving objective inquiries. But what about things that are more subjective?," Reese says. "What about, 'what's best for me?'. Is there a concert this weekend that I should go to?," he continues. What Ness is building will attempt to answer these inquires.

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