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What it's like to work here

Ness is a quickly-growing company working at the intersection of mobile, social, and big data. We’re making it easier to find places, experiences, and products you’ll love, starting with restaurants.

We put design and technology on equal footing

We think that design should push technology and that technology should push design. Everyone at Ness has the chance to speak towards product strategy.

We're opinionated but humble

Building next generation technology that's easy to use demands tight-knit collaboration. To be successful here you’ll need to come to the table with a point of view but be willing to go another direction quickly if it’s in the best interest of our users. We’re more interested in building an amazing band than collecting a bunch of rock stars.

We learn by doing

We highly value experimentation and taking risks. We’re not afraid to throw away work we love if it doesn’t make our products better.

We think process should serve people, not the other way around

We’re careful to avoid needless meetings and extra bureaucratic hoops to jump through. We keep a relatively flat hierarchy. To succeed at Ness you’ll need to be comfortable speaking up and taking initiative.

We're in Los Altos, CA

Our office is less than a mile from the nearest Caltrain stop.

Benefits & Perks

  • Competitive salary and stock package
  • Health, dental, vision, disability, and 401(k)
  • Gym membership reimbursement
  • Flexible work hours and an open vacation policy
  • Free lunch and dinner in addition to copious snacks
  • Standing desks (if you’d like)

Platform Engineer

You’re someone who loves technical challenges and is motivated to produce effective and elegant solutions to problems that others might describe as “impossible.” You are a self-starter who is comfortable solving new problems, but also likes to collaborate and learn from others. As a member of Ness's platform team your role will be part architect and part systems builder. We have an ambitious product and engineering roadmap and are looking for people who can develop rapidly and embrace the challenges and responsibilities and of being a critical member of a highly skilled team.


  • Rapidly develop proof-of-concept prototypes to prove out hypotheses
  • Design, architect, implement, and debug robust, high-volume production services
  • Implement and integrate data ingestion, analysis and data-mining systems
  • Write server-side code for web-based applications

Positive Background Correlations

  • Demonstrated history of rapidly developing proof-of-concept prototypes to prove out hypotheses
  • BS/MS in CS or solid understanding of computer science and software development from work experience
  • Extensive programming experience (5-10+ years, though not necessarily professionally)
  • Strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design
  • Experience with databases (PostgreSQL in particular), and cloud computing tool chains like Amazon EC2 and S3
  • Expert knowledge developing and debugging Java on Unix

iOS Engineer

Ness is looking for an eager, fast-learning iOS developer with a passion for creating software that delights users. We’re looking for someone who wants to help push the platform to its limits, with implementation approaches beyond even Apple’s first-party apps.

You are someone who shares our love of beautifully designed, immersive products. You are detail-oriented, believe the little things matter, and won't consider a task complete until everything is just right. These qualities are more important than experience, but practice implementing user interfaces and iOS applications is a plus. An ideal candidate will know Objective-C and Cocoa Touch well, but is always ready to learn more.


  • Help create the Ness experience on iOS, using Ness internal APIs
  • Collaborate with the Design team to define, design and implement user experience and interactions
  • Manage the development and release pipeline of the Ness iOS application
  • Communicate application requirements to Platform Engineering team
  • Code a fluid and responsive search experience

Positive Background Correlations

  • B.S. in Computer Science or related field
  • Proficient knowledge of Objective-C, or experience with at least two other C-based languages
  • Functional knowledge of the iOS SDK
  • Past experience writing iOS applications
  • A deep knowledge of your tools, libraries, and runtime. You understand what is happening behind the scenes
  • Experience using threading to improve client responsiveness
  • Experience with client-server applications
  • Experience with debugging and profiling tools

Frontend Engineer

Ness is looking for a web developer with a passion for creating software that delights users. We are seeking someone to help us bring our signature iOS experience to the mobile and desktop web.

You are someone who shares our love of beautifully designed, immersive products. You are detail-oriented, believe the little things matter, and won't consider a task complete until everything is just right. You've forgotten more about the DOM than most people ever know and you can justify your burning hatred for older versions of IE.


  • Help create the Ness Experience using Ness internal APIs
  • Work with the Product team to define, design and implement the web user experience and interactions
  • Communicate application requirements to Platform Engineering team
  • Quickly prototype experimental features

Positive Background Correlations

  • B.S. in Computer Science or related field
  • Previous startup experience
  • 3+ years experience with Javascript, HTML, CSS, and client side web frameworks
  • Projects you can point to which demonstrate your aptitude for front-end engineering and your design sense

Machine Learning Scientist

We are world-class, machine learning specialists who work together on real-world challenges. Everyone on our team takes ownership of problem-solving, from ideas all the way through implementation. Our favorite types of problems are the ones that others consider impossible.

Everything the ML team builds is product-driven to solve a specific customer pain. While we are looking for people who are experts in a specific area, we believe that the best solutions come from collaboration. We expect people to apply their expertise to domains they have not previously worked in.

We use principled machine learning approaches, and encode product-level intuition and needs, but are comfortable with using heuristics to get the last mile.

Positive Background Correlations

  • A Ph.D. in Computer Science, Statistics, or Mathematics, or 5 years of experience in the application of ML to solving real-world problems
  • A track record of developing new approaches and methods for solving noisy, data-driven problems
  • Specific experience in multiple machine learning and inferencing techniques, such as regression, SVMs, Boosting / Ensemble methods, HMMs / Graphical Models, Mixture Models, and clustering techniques
  • Experience with general software development, preferably in Java or C++, as well as SQL and *nix
  • Familiarity with recent ML literature

Bonus points if you have

  • A deep background in one of the following: information retrieval / search ranking, natural language processing, collaborative filtering, ontology management / data normalization
  • Experience with data mining packages such as Weka, SAS, EViews, Matlab and R
  • Experience with "big-data" frameworks such as Hadoop, HBase, or Cassandra

Product Designer

Ness is hiring product designers to help prototype and define the Ness user experience across a variety of platforms. The design challenges you will face are complex. You will be pushing the boundaries of predictive software. You will collaborate with an interdisciplinary product team, your wide breadth of knowledge and personal interests will increase the likelihood of coming up with unexpected solutions.

Specific background expertise in print, web or mobile is less important than a deep interest in the way people choose and use products, creativity, a keen sense of aesthetics, and a strong grasp of visual communication. You’ll work with a high degree of autonomy and will have ownership over large parts of the product, but you should always be receptive to user feedback.

You’ll shape the future of Ness into something that’s intuitive, serendipitous, and magical.


  • Your task is one of profound opposites. You’re comfortable with balancing complicated ideas and thinking in opposites: large and small-scale, conceptual and pragmatic, human and technical, micro and macro. You understand the strategy and business dynamics behind a product or a feature, but you’re also capable of finessing visual designs until they’re pixel-perfect.
  • Adapt and iterate quickly in a collaborative environment
  • Clearly and effectively visualize and communicate ideas, whether with pencil and paper or software

Positive Background Corrrelations

  • A portfolio of design projects or case studies (self-started or professional)
  • An interest in humanizing sophisticated backend technology with user-centered, emotionally arresting design
  • Observational skills and user empathy
  • Mobile design experience. Again, knowledge of specific methodologies or frameworks is less important than an understanding of the context
  • Knowledge of data-driven usability testing methods and techniques for measuring user experience.

DevOps Engineer

Ness Computing is looking for an engineer to design and implement our operations environment. We believe in the DevOps movement, so you will work closely with our engineers who build the Ness application and platform. Your responsibility will be to design, build and maintain the system-level environment (operating systems & networking infrastructure) that enables the Ness application platform to grow and scale, and the IT infrastructure that enables the Ness team to work.

As part of the Ness engineering team, you will design, build, and maintain the automation that allows a small team to manage a large number of systems. You will seek to automate as much of the day-to-day operations of a large-scale platform as possible in order to proactively develop technology tools that enhances the Ness product. You are not interested in changing files on hundreds of machines by hand but always use automation tools that do that for you.


  • You know your way around Linux systems and are comfortable in maintaining a large-scale service platform
  • Experience with PostgreSQL database
  • You understand and can configure a router, a switch, and a firewall
  • Familiar with Cloud environments (i.e., AWS)
  • Self-starter and curious; you only need to read a book or website to become familiar with a new tool or technology
  • You can document what you have built on a Wiki and can communicate this to colleagues
  • Comfortable with systems scripting and development; able to program in Ruby, Perl, or Python
  • Hands-on engineer: you will be writing code, logging into machines, and changing configurations
  • Two-plus years of experience working as a systems engineer or systems administrator
  • Designed and built Linux-based systems at startups
  • Experience with RedHat, Linux, CentOS, or Ubuntu servers
  • Responsible for maintaining the company’s IT infrastructure

Positive Correlations

  • Knowledge of configuration management tools such as Chef
  • JVM (Java Virtual Machine) know how
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or related field

Your Workplace Environment

  • Linux systems: CentOS
  • Monitoring: Icinga, Ganglia
  • Configuration management: Chef
  • Provisioning: Kickstart, PXE
  • System-level services: DNS, LDAP, NTP, etc.
  • Developer tools: Git, Github, JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins
  • Networking: Cisco VPN, OpenVPN, routing, firewalls