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Common Questions

What is Ness?

Ness is a new way to discover places you'll love based on your unique tastes. It learns what you like - and what you don't - to deliver restaurant recommendations that are just right for you. The more you use Ness, the smarter it gets. It's free for the iPhone and any device running iOS 7 or higher. Ness is also available on the web.

How does Ness work?

Ness is powered by the Likeness Engine, which delivers search results that are uniquely relevant and personal. Ness is sophisticated and insightful, and considers information from a wide range of sources. These include your ratings and reviews, the popularity of a place, and recommendations from trusted individuals like your friends on Facebook and Foursquare. Ness then pairs each recommendation with a Likeness Score that predicts how likely you are to enjoy that particular experience.

Where is Ness available?

You can get Ness on the Apple App Store or use Ness on the web. Ness is currently able to make recommendations for any city in the United States.

Something went wrong! How do I tell you guys?

From the iOS app, tap “Contact Ness” from the navigation pane on the left side of the app and select "Report Bug" in the menu that appears. On the web, click on the question mark at the bottom right of your browser window. You can also email us at Please be as detailed as you can in your description of the problem; it'll help us to fix it faster!

How do I correct an error in a restaurant's name or details?

iOS: If you've come across a place that we don't have any information about, you can tell us about it by searching for the name of the place, and then choosing to "Add" it via the option that appears at the bottom of the search results. If you would like to report a place that is permanently closed or has incorrect details, select “Suggest a Correction” option that appears on the place page just below the map.

Web: To add a place that Ness doesn't have any information about or to report incorrect details about a place that we have listed in our database, click on the question mark at the bottom right of your browser window and provide as many details as possible.

How does Ness protect my privacy?

Ness Computing is committed to the privacy of our users. To learn more about our philosophy toward privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.

How can I remove my account?

Account deletion is available on the web by logging into your account settings. Deleting your account removes your ratings, reviews, lists and any other content you've created on Ness to date. This is permanent and cannot be undone.

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