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Meet Ness.

The Future of Search is Here: It's Personal

Search engines today are great at finding objective information quickly. “Who are the Giants playing tonight?” They’re also good at understanding what’s popular. “What’s the top selling track on iTunes?” But search engines aren’t good at understanding what we’ll actually like. We're changing that with Ness. Ness provides recommendations catered to your unique tastes.

It Began with a Hunt for Good Coffee

Corey and his co-founder Steven were looking for a good cup of coffee on a visit to New York. Searching on their phones returned an overwhelming list of nearby shops, but none of them looked like the perfect place. Corey and Steven were eventually saved by a friend who directed them to a great cup of coffee at Abraço Espresso in the East Village. But afterwards they asked themselves: can our phones help us not just find something, but find something we’ll really love? One year later Ness was born.

We're Just Getting Started

Our first product is Ness Restaurant Recommendations, helping you (and us) find great places to eat. But restaurants are just the beginning. We’re hard at work making Ness smarter and teaching it about other categories and experiences.